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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision is to become a highly respected rowing club that:

·       Conceives, designs, and supports the success of Junior and Master Programs, for all levels, with state-of-the-art facilities
·       Promotes club unity and displays community spirit and service
·       Maintains an experienced Board of Directors, and
·       Employs highly qualified staff to execute operational and coaching duties.

Los Gatos Rowing Club is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that exists to promote amateur rowing in the Santa Clara Valley. To do this, we provide the settings, facilities, equipment, and organization to:

·       Offer Junior programs for high school rowers
·       Offer Master programs for adult rowers
·       Offer outreach programs for disadvantaged youth
·       Engage in community service
·       We exist to row and row to have fun - while maintaining safety, excellence, and sportsmanship.

To carry out our Mission, Los Gatos Rowing Club actively promotes a culture in which every member of the club acts with the highest ethical, professional, and safety standards in everything we do, including the following core values:

·       Responsibility in all of our members, with special emphasis on fostering the character development of our         junior rowers
·       Physical and mental fitness and well being
·       Competition balanced with sportsmanship, teamwork, and camaraderie
·       Community service
·       Financial stability, balancing resources appropriately for all programs
·       We achieve these core values by working collectively for the greater good of the club.